This week another experiment with food and two kinds of wine.    have a comment or question drop us and email to 

Cooking Wine Part Two

this week Diane and Tim talk more about cooking wine.  

Cooking Wine

On this episode Tim and Diane chat about what makes a good cooking wine.  You don't have to spend a lot, get one that you can tolerate.  Have a commen...View Details

Argentina Wines

This week Diane and Tim talk about Argentian Wines.  They are the 5th largest producer of wine.  Pluse we have a special treat at the end of the podca...View Details

Let’s Talk Legs

This week a question from the email.  Can you tell me about the leg of a wine?  If you have a question about wine drop us an email to corkscrewed@gmai...View Details

Clean Your Rack

this week Tim and Diane talk about cleaning out the wine rack or fridge.  this is something we don't really think about doing, as often as we should. ...View Details

This week have some fun.  Have you ever opened up a box of chocolate with out a list to tell you what is in the box?  How about getting your local win...View Details

This week Dian reminds us that a good wine does not need to be expensive.  

Water and Wine

This week Tim and Diane talk about the importance of introducing drinking water when enjoying a few glasses of wine. 

Come Fly With Me

This week we talk about strange things Diane does with her wine before she goes on a trip.  Do you have any strange rituals when it comes to wine?   d...View Details

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